New Message

Serving as Sheriff and having the privilege of putting my knowledge and experience to work with the deputies of Cleburne County is a great honor. Our department will continue to work together with the people to diligently serve, protect, and strengthen this county.

The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to more aggressively addressing issues that concern our citizens’ safety and quality of life, as we are highly invested in continuing to keep our county a wonderful place to work, live, and enjoy. Our residents, from young to elderly, and visitors are our first concern. We believe that through developing stronger local crime prevention programs, adding to our reserve staff, and keeping an open and honest line of communication with the public, we can create an atmosphere that we are all proud to be a part of. Please remember that we are always available to respond to any needs or events that require our attention.

As Sheriff, and as I pledged upon swearing in, I will honestly and ethically uphold the Constitution of the United States, Constitution of Arkansas, and will work each day of my term to carry out my duties and maintain the trust that has been placed in myself and the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Richard Swain